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Artikel The Dynamics of Military Skills...

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Uppdrag veteran – om svenska militära utlandsveteraner

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Scandinavian Journal of Military Studies

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CSMS Erfarenhetsforum

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Nordic Association for Research on Military Profession

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Bengt Abrahamsson – priset

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Transformations of the military profession and professionalism in Scandinavia_frontandback_20210616

NEW BOOK! Transformations of the Military Profession and Professionalism in Scandinavia

Anne Roelsgaard Obling, Lotta Victor Tillberg (eds.)

What characterises the development and social transformation of the military profession in Scandinavia? Has the broadening of tasks, function and scope of the military profession lead to changes in the values, outlook and behaviour of groups of the armed forces? And what kind of changes are the cultural and structural interpenetration of civilian and military spheres, including hybrid forms of professionalism, generating and what are the significance and implications of such changes?

Transformations of the Military Profession and Professionalism in Scandinavia brings together a number of expert scholars within Military Studies and related fields to provide timely and updated answers to these highly important questions – answers with potential implications far beyond the Scandinavian case.

The book and individual chapters can be downloaded from SJMS homepage.


Ny artikel! The birth of the enterprising soldier: governing military recruitment and retention in post-Cold War Sweden

Artikeln "The birth of the enterprising soldier: governing military recruitment and retention in post-Cold War Sweden" av Sanna Strand har nu publicerats i Scandinavian Journal of History. 

Artikeln kan hämtas via den här länken:

Ur Abstract

The promise of becoming a normal or even ideal citizen of the nation-state has long been central to the politics of military recruitment and retention. However, what this promise has entailed, and how the image of the soldier has been constructed, varies across time and place. This article illustrates and historicizes the emergence of a distinct soldier image, closely associated with the neoliberal ideal of responsible, active, and entrepreneurial citizenship, in the context of Sweden. The paper adopts a genealogical approach and views ‘the enterprising soldier’ through the contemporary history of military reforms in post-Cold War Sweden....

Scandinavian Journal of History

Military Command Under Scrutiny: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Calls for papers. Deadline: 1 March 2022

Link to SJMS for more information

In recent years, military command has been under increasing public and academic scrutiny. Some commentators even speak of a “crisis of command” (Brooks et al. 2021). Albeit command has attracted interest from several scholars, there has as noted by Lawrence Freedman – been “…remarkably few […] systematic investigation[s] of the practice of command.” (Freedman, 2020, p. 106). In this special issue, we wish to address this omission and invite potential authors to participate in an interdisciplinary discussion on the challenges and transformations of command in the twenty-first century.

Guest editors: Anne Roelsgaard Obling, Katrine Nørgaard and Anders Klitmøller



Konferens Modern Militär Professionalism 2022

2022 års konferens Modern Militär Professionalism kommer att rikta fokus på det nationella försvaret och samarbetet med de nordiska och skandinaviska länderna. Delar av konferensen är ett samarbete mellan Scandinavian Journal of Military Studies och Nordic Association for Research on Military Profession. Konferensen genomförs den 14-15 juni i Stockholm. Konferensinbjudan och program kommer att publiceras på CSMS hemsida.


Scandinavian Journal of Military Studies

The Scandinavian Journal of Military Studies (SJMS) är en open access peer-review journal som publiceras via Scandinavian Military Studies. Arbetet med SJMS sker i ett nära samarbete mellan Kungliga Danska Försvarshögskolan, Norska Försvarshögskolan, Centrum för militära studier vid Köpenhamns universitet och Centrum för Studier av Militär och Samhälle. För mer information se SJMS hemsida