CSMS konferens 14-15 juni

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CSMS - ett möte mellan militär praktik och forskning

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CSMS konferens genomförs i Stockholm 14-15 juni

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CSMS konferens 2022 - här är programmet

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Varmt välkommen!

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Vi ses på CSMS konferens den 14-15 juni

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Nu är det snart dags att mötas på CSMS konferens

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Varmt välkommen!

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CSMS-konferens: Modern militär professionalism – totalförsvar, krishantering och samverkan i ny strategisk kontext, 14–15 juni 2022.

2022 års konferens på temat Modern militär professionalism riktar ett särskilt fokus på uppbyggnad av totalförsvar, krishantering och samverkan i en dynamisk omvärld. Rysslands krig mot Ukraina, Sveriges NATO-ansökan och försvarssamarbeten mellan demokratiska stater i västvärlden är exempel på teman som kommer att diskuteras. Ett mål med konferensen är att under två dagar erbjuda en arena för dialog och erfarenhetsutbyte mellan militära praktiker, forskare, beslutsfattare och andra intressenter.

Mer information om 2022 års konferens och uppdaterat program finns här.

Information om CSMS tidigare genomförda konferenser finns här.

Transformations of the military profession and professionalism in Scandinavia_frontandback_20210616

Transformations of the Military Profession and Professionalism in Scandinavia

Anne Roelsgaard Obling, Lotta Victor Tillberg (eds.)

What characterises the development and social transformation of the military profession in Scandinavia? Has the broadening of tasks, function and scope of the military profession lead to changes in the values, outlook and behaviour of groups of the armed forces? And what kind of changes are the cultural and structural interpenetration of civilian and military spheres, including hybrid forms of professionalism, generating and what are the significance and implications of such changes?

Transformations of the Military Profession and Professionalism in Scandinavia brings together a number of expert scholars within Military Studies and related fields to provide timely and updated answers to these highly important questions – answers with potential implications far beyond the Scandinavian case.

The book and individual chapters can be downloaded from SJMS homepage.

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Calls for Papers Special Issue: Ukraine: A New Horizon of Warfare?

Deadline for submissions: May 15, 2022

Editors: Kristian Søby Kristensen, Anders McDonald Sookermany, Alastair Finlan, Peter Tillberg, Annemarie Peen Rodt Poucher, Thomas Crosbie & Jens Bjering

The fighting in Ukraine is provoking very profound questions about existing understandings of modern warfare and the relevance of mainstream military operations, concepts, doctrines and theories concerning the application of force. The use of innovative technologies in the form of armed drones, advanced anti-tank weapons, man-portable surface to air missiles and modern body armour have characterized the warfare in Ukraine. It has allowed numerically inferior defensive forces to exude extraordinary resilience and combat power in the face of an offensive campaign by a more powerful military foe. Is a new horizon of warfare unfolding in Ukraine?

In this special issue, we welcome discussion papers of around 4,000 words related to the practice of warfare in Ukraine and the significance of what is emerging in the fighting. Specifically, we want the discussion papers to address the question of ‘what is new in the warfare in Ukraine?’ in relation to any aspect of the fighting in the air, on land, at sea, in space or cyberspace and within civil society.

Due to the editorial team’s desire to publish the issue as quickly as possible, the discussion papers will be submitted to an internal round of reviews and published as they come in.

Please forward any questions to Jens Bjering at jccb@fak.dk and go to the Scandinavian Journal of Military Studies’ homepage at https://sjms.nu/ to submit your manuscript.

We kindly ask that you write in the submission notes that the submission is for this special issue.

Submissions received later than May 15, 2022, will not be taken into consideration.




Konferens Modern Militär Professionalism 2022

2022 års konferens Modern Militär Professionalism kommer att rikta fokus på det nationella försvaret och samarbetet med de nordiska och skandinaviska länderna. Delar av konferensen är ett samarbete mellan Scandinavian Journal of Military Studies och Nordic Association for Research on Military Profession. Konferensen genomförs den 14-15 juni i Stockholm.


Scandinavian Journal of Military Studies

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